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At iBuyXS we give you complete control and transparency on the sale of your excess electronic components inventory. Broker middlemen typically buy for 3-5% on the dollar and resell for 10x-20x that. We partner with you to help sell your excess for the highest amount possible. We make a small, fixed, contingency-based fee only if we match you with an actual buyer/offer for your goods. We work with you finding ways to get the absolute most out of your initial investment. We utilize our vast network of Supply Chain Professionals, 25 years’ experience, and Digital Marketing to get the highest return on your cost.

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  • 100K FDA & CE Certified Disposable Face Masks

    April 2, 2020 by

    100K FDA & CE Certified Disposable Face Masks Available 100K Pieces Available FDA & CE Certified Disposable Masks Can Ship 1 Week After Ordered Ships from USA NO Prepayment   No Advance Wire Transfers or Deposits  Masks Ship From Florida, USA  We Handle Importing and Customs  Type: Disposable Face Mask  Size:   6.89”x3.74” (17.5×9.5cm)  BFE95%, with a 95% protective efficiency  3-ply Cotton Filter, Hypoallergenic   Elastic Earloops for Proper Fit.  FDA & CE Certified  *Subject to Creditworthiness, Shipping Not Included.  Click the button below to… Read more

  • COVID-19 Medical Supplies Shortages: Seeking Hospital Gowns, Medical Gloves, Surgical Masks, Disposable Stethoscopes and more

    March 30, 2020 by

    Please quote us on Masks–N95 3-ply, non-woven, Isolation/Surgical. Please provide the following information: Type Immediate ship quantity Weekly ship quantity Price Copy of FDA and CE Certificate Terms required. If possible, please quote us a landed cost in the US. We have several customers looking for the following: Send us your offer on any of the… Read more

  • How Are Electronics Manufacturers Generating Cash From Dead Stock?

    March 24, 2020 by

    The Covid-19 crisis has halted production lines, sent workers home, and led to many cancelled orders. Yet many EMS companies, contract manufacturers, and OEMs have found a way to create cash flow in this environment. Stock ordered months ago for pending builds has, in many cases, suddenly become excess. Finished electronic goods outside of the… Read more

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