Face Masks and PPE In Stock

We have New shipments of FDA and CE certified masks coming into stock all the time. No TT in advance. No worries about parts stuck in Customs in China or the US. Currently inbound to us is the following: 

50,000 FDA/CE Certified ≥ 95% Filtering Face Masks 

Ship from US In Stock 

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We have a factory commitment to us of up to 100K units per day on a scheduled basis. We pay the deposit, set up the schedule, clear customs via our freight forwarder and ship directly from our logistics point in the US to your facility. 

 We also have available the following: 

N95 CE, FDA, and/or NIOSH / KN95 CE / Face Shields / Gloves / Hand Sanitizer  

We can ship out this coming Monday up to 50,000 pieces from Chicago.

10,000 piece minimum order quantity.

Due Dates and Quantities:


How Electronics Manufacturers Can Start to Turn It Around in 2020

As Q2 2020 Closes, many larger OEM and CEM facilities have begun to reopen. The plethora of challenges facing Supply Chain Professionals in these times are prolific. Many orders, and corresponding builds, have been delayed or canceled altogether. New orders for different products are also on the rise as the new normal dictates.

I’ve spoken with many Purchasing professionals, materials managers, and planners at our OEM and EMS partners and there is one thing they all agree on:

“2020, not even half-way finished, is already the most challenging year that my company have faced. EVER!”

Many companies are coming back to a hangover heavy with suddenly unneeded electronic components that had been bought for reduced or canceled builds. With the lag between starting back up and delivery of finished goods, the staggered return of the workforce, and increased cost due to social distancing and PPE compliance, there are lots of new expenses for companies as well. Once the PPP funds and cash reserves are tapped, there is another potential resource.

Take some time to review your current inventory vs demand and identify the surplus components that you either need less of, or no longer need at all. Once you have your list of excess electronic components, industrial automation equipment, LCD, FPGA, Memory, or finished goods, you can simply click on the Gold button below for a “Free Excess Appraisal” and within hours one of our buyers will respond to you with an offer range for your excess.

Once we have your excel list of excess including the quantities, part #’s, mfg, datecode, and original cost, we can typically come back with an offer within 48 hours or less! We take care of all the shipping costs and coordinating the pickup. Within 1 week of reading this blog you can have your dead inventory converted back into cashflow.


100K FDA & CE Certified Disposable Face Masks

100K FDA & CE Certified Disposable Face Masks Available

100K Pieces Available

FDA & CE Certified Disposable Masks

Can Ship 1 Week After Ordered

Ships from USA

  • NO Prepayment  
  • No Advance Wire Transfers or Deposits 
  • Masks Ship From Florida, USA 
  • We Handle Importing and Customs 
  • Type: Disposable Face Mask 
  • Size:   6.89”x3.74” (17.5×9.5cm) 
  • BFE95%, with a 95% protective efficiency 
  • 3-ply Cotton Filter, Hypoallergenic  
  • Elastic Earloops for Proper Fit. 
  • FDA & CE Certified 

*Subject to Creditworthiness, Shipping Not Included. 

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R7FS7G27G2A01CBD#AC0 50% Below Lowest Distribution Price

Renesas Parts In Stock In Europe

10K Pcs R7FS7G27G2A01CBD#AC0 Renesas 19+

MCU 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 RISC 3MB Flash 3.3V 224-Pin LFBGA Tray

Spec Sheet HERE.

50% Below Lowest Distribution Price

Quantity: 10,000 pcs  

Part Number: R7FS7G27G2A01CBD#AC0

MFG: Renesas

Date Code: 19+

Pricing: $10.50/ea USD (click the yellow RFQ button below)

Description: MCU 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 RISC 3MB Flash 3.3V 224-Pin LFBGA Tray

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COVID-19 Medical Supplies Shortages: Seeking Hospital Gowns, Medical Gloves, Surgical Masks, Disposable Stethoscopes and more

Please quote us on Masks–N95 3-ply, non-woven, Isolation/Surgical. Please provide the following information:


Immediate ship quantity

Weekly ship quantity


Copy of FDA and CE Certificate

Terms required.

If possible, please quote us a landed cost in the US.

We have several customers looking for the following:

   Gloves – Nitrile or Vinyl
Gowns – Isolation/Impervious/fluid resistant/ Reusable (NOT STERILE OR SURGICAL GOWNS)
Masks– Isolation/Surgical/N95 3-ply, non-woven
Hand Sanitizer
Disposable Stethoscopes

Send us your offer on any of the items above and we will get back to you!

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iBuyXS, The Best Place on the Internet to Sell Your Excess Electronic Components

Because…2020. What once was destined to be a year laden with 2020 vision references and puns, a year for clarity and perspective, the optimistic start of a new decade powered by new technologies like 5G, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and a host of other technology-laden devices has mutated into a year of contingencies, redirects, and plan B’s. Whom would have thought, in an election year, that “Red states” would be headlining as a non-political reference? 

Q3 is barely half-way done and, already, we have had a record number of top-tier, mid-sized, and smaller OEM and Electronic Manufacturing Services technology companies who have had cancelled, reduced, or delayed orders. Still, others had to adjust their production due to quarantining and lack of workers/time on the manufacturing floor.  That has led to a multitude of lost revenues and, retroactively, bad spends on electronic components and even finished goods with no current home. 

While no purchasing professional could possibly have foreseen the events of 2020, it’s important to ask this 1 key question:

“If I knew then, what I know now, would I have bought this material?”

Nobody likes to have to scrap materials for nothing but the write-off. iBuyXS has had great success bringing the highest possible returns on excess. We employ a unique model that makes us the leanest solution and enables us to sell electronic component excess at competitive prices and still bring returns of up to 100% of original cost. Although 100% is rare, we have had multiple times this year where market conditions have presented in such a way that excess items are in a shortage and the OEM was able to recoup their full cost. The key to that scenario is that our buyers have the experience to know the difference. We know the difference between a commodity item and a customized connector that has no value on the open market. 

Simply send us your list of excess inventory including the QTY, MFG Part #, MFG, Datecode, and original cost on each item. We will run a BOM analysis for free and get back to you within 24 hours with a plan. Just click the button:

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How Are Electronics Manufacturers Generating Cash From Dead Stock?

The Covid-19 crisis has halted production lines, sent workers home, and led to many cancelled orders. Yet many EMS companies, contract manufacturers, and OEMs have found a way to create cash flow in this environment. Stock ordered months ago for pending builds has, in many cases, suddenly become excess. Finished electronic goods outside of the currently hot commodities are frequently sitting idly in the warehouse.

iBuyXS buys surplus electronic components, Industrial automation equipment, digital cameras, or any other electronics-related excess, we can help you remonetize that slow or dead inventory. Our staff is fully operational and hungry for excess to buy.

Send us your Excel spreadsheet listing your surplus and our excess staff will immediately analyze it and come back with an offer within a few hours. That dead stock can be converted into cash by  the end of the week!

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